Christopher Columbus : The Four Voyages Essay examples

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Laurence Bergreen, Columbus: The Four Voyages (New York:Viking Penguin , 2011) 423 pp.

Christopher Columbus, the man who “discovered” America is one of the most controversial people in world history. With his adventurous self and crew, they arrived on numerous amount of islands which determines Columbus as a brave and so-called heroic explorer. Laurence Bergreen, a historian and biographer wrote,“Columbus: The Four Voyages” which analyzed Columbus’s actions and decisions during his travels. Turns out Columbus isn’t as heroic, courageous and honorable as everyone thought. He used people for his needs, pressured them about Christianity, enslaved many and most importantly, genocide.

The rulers of Spain, King Ferdinand of Aragon and Queen Isabella of Castille sent Columbus and his crew to find the riches out in the new world. In 1942, he sailed the ocean blue with the Santa Maria, Pinta and Nina. Columbus set sailed from Spain and planned to make it to Asia because he’s heard that’s where all the gold and spices are, but landed west of his intended location. He was actually traveling across the Atlantic Ocean and “discovered” islands such as the Bahamas, Cuba, Trinidad, Jamaica and plenty more. Behind the scenes on these islands, Columbus was rather harsh on the settlers there before them. He communicated to some with sign language, but made them work for him because he was looking for wealth. He came across news new crops, fine harbors, pearls and tobacco on his long…

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