Christopher Columbus: Impacts Of The New World And The Old World

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The main character of this book is Christopher Columbus. Without his discoveries of the New World, the Columbian Exchange would not have occurred. The world would look very different than what it looks like now. The world population would be considerably smaller than what it is now. We would not have the animals and plants that came from the Old World if it was not for the Columbian exchange. Likewise, the Old World would not have the crops that increased their population if it was not for the voyages of Columbus. If it was not for Christopher Columbus, The Columbian Exchange would not have occurred. The Columbian Exchange really changed the way of life in both the New World and the Old World. The people of both worlds encountered plants and …show more content…
The New World crops helped increase the growth rate of the world. The adoption of New World crops in the Old World helped feed poor peasants and allowed them to thrive. These crops included potato, manioc, and corn. This was what helped European and Asian populations to rapidly rise. I have also learned why Native Americans were easily conquered by Europe. The horse played a big role in keeping the Indians in control because the Indians were scared by the looks of the horse. Also, the diseases that were brought to the New World devastated the indigenous people and weakened them. Because the Native Americans did not have genetic resistance to these Old World diseases, they were quickly exterminated. Some of the diseases include chickenpox, measles, and smallpox. I have also learned that this country has benefitted in the long run from the Columbian Exchange. The Old World introduced many animals to the New World that were very useful. For instance, the horse provided a new mode of transportation that helped the Native Americans haul heavy objects over long distances. The horse also enabled the Indians to effectively defend themselves in a war. The cattle were important because they supplied meat and hide. Sheep were also important because they supplied wool to the New World. Cattle and sheep soon became important to the New World

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