Essay on Christmas Of The Celts : Halloween

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Children are waiting for this day, they lie in wait month by month and plot what costumes they will wear on this day; they figure out who amongst their friends and family will gather the most candy; this day is called Halloween. Halloween is the one day in the whole year where people and children alike dress up in costumes and go door to door in order to accumulate candy, however, one would not think that Halloween was not always a child-friendly holiday but had a shadowy and foggy past. Halloween then and Halloween now are completely two different people. Halloween in the past was first a day that marked a new season, but soon became a time where terror resides in the hearts of the Celts. Halloween today, has taken a dark turn where sadists and commercialization have sucked the fun and the historical truth out of Halloween.
Halloween or formally known as Samhain was an ancient Celtic tradition that indicated the first of November and this tradition was started before the 14th century. The first people to officially celebrate this holiday were the Celts that was first spotted in the Iron Age and Middle Ages; they lived either in Ireland or Britain. They manipulated this tradition as a way celebrate a new year for harvesting, but considered during this time that otherworldly creatures would walk with the living. At that time, as indicated by a Scottish FSA, during Samhain they deemed that ghosts and demons would be released and used bonfires to keep the spirits at bay (Black…

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