Christmas In China Research Paper

Christmas, one of the most wonderful words in December has given so many children and adults happiness with all the gifts and cookies. Now let us take a look at some different kinds of Christmas in Norway and China. In Norway, the traditional Christmas activities are not quite different with those in other countries in Europe. Every year, Norwegians decorate Christmas trees with small paper baskets called 'Julekurver'. “A traditional Norwegian Christmas Tree decoration are small paper baskets called 'Julekurver' which made in the shape of a heart. It's said that the writer Hans Christian Andersen might have invented them in the 1860s!” Besides, one of the unique tradition in Norway is picking an enormous tree and decorate it with …show more content…
However, the situation and activities in China are quite various with the customs in European nations. “Since the vast majority of the Chinese people are not Christian, the main winter festival in China the Chinese New Year which takes place toward the end of January. Which means they do not follow the same traditions as in Western cultures like sending Christmas cards or going to church. Now officially called the "Spring Festival," it is a time when children receive new clothing, eat luxurious meals, receive new toys, and enjoy firecracker displays. An important aspect of the New Year celebration is the worship of ancestors. Portraits and paintings of ancestors are brought out and hung in the main room of the home. ” Moreover, Chinese also enjoy taking several photos of all the family members on Christmas Eve, which is called ‘Quanjiafu’ in Chinese. Since it is a new century now, different countries from all over the world comes together, and exchange their customs and culture. In fact, China, a country with a long history is trying to join the world and accept the foreign festival culture, especially the Western culture about Christmas. At the present, there are thousands of Christmas trees sold every Christmas, and a few families are willing to sing and chime Christmas carol at home. Anyway, the Christmas traditions in China are more similar with the Western traditions than before, but people in Norway still has a huge difference way to celebrate Christmas comparing with Chinese Christmas tradition, because Norwegians usually celebrate Christmas with some religious ritual, such as singing a Christmas Carol and reading a

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