Christians And The Middle East Essay

1894 Words Dec 1st, 2015 8 Pages
In front of a group of Christians and relatives, Islamic extremist began cutting the finger tips off of a 12-year-old boy and severely beating him, because his father wouldn 't abandon his faith and convert to Islam. Christians are being persecuted in the Middle East every day for their religious beliefs. On that day, August 28th, 2015, twelve Christians were killed because they wouldn’t convert to Islam, including the twelve year old boy. Two Christian females in the crowd were taken to another village, where they would soon be raped by the Islamic militants, and later executed for not converting to Islam. The number of Christians in the Middle East are declining drastically because of hate crimes like this. In the last ten years, Christians that were living in Iraq have declined by more than fifty percent. The Middle East is the birthplace of Christianity and the Islamic people are trying to demolish that. Islamic extremist are causing the deaths of innocent Christians, and if this keeps up, it could potentially be the end of Christianity in the Middle East. Families living in Qaraqosh, Iraq have struggled immensely in their battles with ISIS, their religion, and homes. The people of Qaraqosh feared ISIS, a terrorist military organization that took over Mosul, a city less than 20 miles west of where they were living. The citizens of Qaraqosh were afraid that ISIS would continue to grow and eventually wreak havoc in their city. They had a reason to be scared,…

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