Christian Educational Setting : Biblical Truths Essay example

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Biblical Foundations A curriculum that does not lead to the Savior is meaningless, never reaching its full potential. God’s Word is the standard in which all other curriculum is to be measured. As Christians, all emphasis is to bring glory and honor to Him, the Creator and Sustainer of all things. Within the Christian educational setting, Biblical truths are centered on the planning of all subject matter content as well as spiritual instruction as revealed by God. A curriculum focused on Biblical truths includes the creation of man in His image; broken fellowship with God because of sin, and the development of the relationship with Jesus Christ, the Savior. A worldview perspective of curriculum development involves allowing educators to design lessons based on a variety of learning strategies. Learning strategies can include a traditional approach in which students are taught a successive, unit-style curriculum. Students are most comfortable with this style of learning, as they have been exposed to this style for most of their academic careers. Another curriculum design includes problem-based or task-based learning. This learn-centered strategy places importance on the learner driving the curriculum through real-world problems and personal experiences. Unfortunately, unrealistic assessments using a variety of tools provided by companies seeking to make a profit determines the strategies implemented in the classroom. Each year, schools are judged based on student…

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