Christian Beliefs And Salvation For A Christian Essay

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The concentration for my research topic is to question if Christians need to recognize the importance of their denominational distinctions. I wanted to expand my focus to include how salvation plays a part in the denominational distinctions, because salvation is the significant part of being a Christian. People need to know the beliefs and principles of their denomination. Being Southern Baptist, my focus is on the different Protestant denominations and to better understand the Protestant denominations as a whole. As I researched, I kept discovering how the Puritans had such a major influence on the Protest denominations. I found a sermon that outlined the role, beliefs and salvation for a Christian, preached by a prominent Puritan preacher.
Puritan theologian Jonathan Edwards was a member of a religious revival known as The Great Awakening. On July 8, 1741, to a Puritan congregation at Enfield, Connecticut, the Reverend delivered a sermon “Sinners in the hands of an angry God.” Edwards became famous for his fire and brimstone type messages. “Sinners in the hands of an angry God” was undeniably another fire and brimstone type of sermon, which is perhaps one of Edwards’ most famous sermons. Angry was a great word to place in the title of this sermon, because the Preacher came across as angry throughout his address and he proclaimed that God himself was angry. With his direct tone he has control over his sermon and his audience, while the Pastor persuades them to accept that…

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