Essay about Chris Mccandless 's The Woods

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On April 28, 1992, Chris McCandless stepped foot into the woods, a journey that would last four months, coming to an end much earlier than he would’ve hoped. In August of 1992, just four months after Chris walked alone into the wild, his perishing body was found by a party of moose hunters. Chris went into the wild hoping to get away from corrupt society and to live a transcendentalist lifestyle. His bold journey was going well until he made a silly mistake when he came across seeds from the wild potato. The seeds themselves are not what killed Chris, it was the amino acids in the seeds that caused him to slowly become paralyzed due to his malnutrition and physical state. Krakauer believes Chris died of starvation, but not because he wasn’t able to hunt and gather food, it was because he physically couldn’t move to get up and find the food he needed to sustain his body. To this day, his journey is still being talked about with extensive discussion and disputes; it was very controversial and many people are forming their opinions on whether or not Chris should be praised or disregarded. Although Chris entered the wild with positive intentions for himself based on his potential in the real world, readiness to go on a solo expedition, and ignorance Chris never should 've stepped foot into the wild and for that matter should not be praised for his foolhardy decision. Prior to embarking on this solo expedition in the wilderness, Chris had a very positive childhood, and he had a…

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