Essay about Chris Mccandless 's The Book Into The Wild

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Chris McCandless story is a tragic one full of questions. Why would someone leave everything they know, or how could someone be planning something for so long then leave virtually unprepared? The controversy surrounding Chris McCandless mental state is well developed on both sides of the argument. Shaun Callarman is one who fully believes that Chris McCandless was crazy and not a figure to be admired. He believes that Chris was ignorant and had no business going on the journey his did, while others believe Chis was a young man with a dream, through the examination of Chris’s actions and the controversy surrounding them it is easy for one to recognize both sides of the argument. The journey Chris went on was completely by choice. He was not forced to homelessness or separated from his family; it was the path he chose. Chris McCandless had a very different sense of living one 's life than most people. He idolized Alaskan adventurers and living off the necessities with the separation from material objects. Jon Krakauer the author of the book Into The Wild, which involves some interviews from Chris’s family and the people he meet along the way. Chirs’s family and friends talk about how he was before his adventure and through his childhood. One of the things they discuss is how Chris did not really want gifts or accept them. He did not want material items and he did not want things given to him. The also talk about some of his habits like the way he lead the cross-country…

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