Chris Mccandless Character Analysis

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What was Chris McCandless? Chris affected many people on his two-year journey. He became very close to every person he met and barely anyone disliked him. Chris had something about him that left a huge impact on anyone he met. He met Ron Franz and stayed with him for a couple days. Chris left such an impact on Ron that he asked to adopt Chris. Let that sink in for a second, this elderly man who barely knows Chris wants to adopt him as his own son only after having Chris in his life for an extremely small amount of time. Chris is not any normal person and that proves it. The book shows many other ways Chris has affected people's lives but that one, in particular, is the most important. It is near impossible to convince someone you barely know to adopt you as their own. …show more content…
Chris is nearly impossible to explain because of how misunderstood he is and he had such a minuscule amount of time on earth. Chris can not be described in just one word. Christopher Johnson is a rebellious, smart, brave, fearless, ambitious, etc. More than anything, Chris was ambitious. He was too ambitious for his own good, burning all of his money and not researching how to survive in the wild. People say he was idiotic and stupid because of the things he has done but I disagree, he fulfilled his dreams and did exactly what he wanted to do all while setting an example for other adventurous people out there. Chris did make some unintelligent choices, but he also made some of the best choices in life anyone can

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