Chris And Alison Weston 's New Job Position Essay

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Chris and Alison Weston were a successful, well-educated and ambitious couple, as the case study interprets, yet the couple ended up serving 20 and 18 months in prison for mail fraud. Additionally, part of Chris Weston’s new job position required him to start hiring qualified employees to the company. Therefore, Chris’s job was becoming stressful, so he asked his wife, Alison for help with the staffing and recruitment process. Accordingly, Chris and Alison started a new company under Alison’s maiden name to help staff the employees. However, this quickly geared out of proportion when the couple kept sending invoices, even after months of not recruiting or staffing employees. As a consequence, this led the couple for more than a year in prison. In addition, the Weston’s describe some actions and beliefs that helped facilitate their behavior. For example, Chris felt guilty for moving his family around for most of his career. Consequently, Alison had to walk away from projects that she enjoyed doing a few times, because Chris wanted to be the big corporate guy. As a result, Chris believed it would be a great idea to let Alison start her staffing company again. Also, as time went by, the couple’s company continued to send invoices to the company Chris worked in. Therefore, Chris’s inappropriate behavior was rationalized, because the company was screwing everyone over, and so Chris believed that it was okay to continue what he was doing, since his job gave him all of the…

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