Choosing A College For College Essay

1098 Words Mar 14th, 2016 null Page
Choosing a college is one of the many lifetime goals for a young adult. It is a milestone that most young adults accomplish. Graduating from High School is a pretty eccentric feeling but what happens after that? Some people do not do anything and acquire a job as soon as they graduate. Only about 1% joins the military. However the majority of people who graduate from High School go to college. The reason for that is because most individual’s mental point of view for what kids do after High School is go to college. Some students however feel as if it’s a mystery as to what to do to get into college. This is due to the fact that some High Schools fail to prepare the students they teach on how to properly get into college. The point of this paper is to enlighten readers whether or not High Schools prepare students for college and if students feel prepared enough to go. The amount of information that High School’s give out to their students has been somewhat lacking based on surveys that have been taken by students around the country. One survey that involved one point eight million students who partook in the ACT, had a percentage of only 26% who met college standards for all four subjects including reading, mathematics, science, and English (U.S. News, 2016). That is just from an academic standpoint. Some schools have classes that help prepare you for what needs to be done in order to get into college meanwhile others do not. There are many reasons as to why High School does…

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