Chlamydomonas Lab Report Essay

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Human cilia play a critical part in human processes. Human cilia are hair-like projections that extend from the surface of a cell. Cilia are capable of rhythmic motion and acts together from separate strands so that the cell is capable of movement. Flagella are a whip-like structure that is found in cells as well that allow for the movement of the cell. Human cilia are characterized as having “metachronal rhythm" and this means is a rhythm that "changes time" to produce wave. The beating movement of a single cilium is exquisitely effective. The power stroke consists of beating stiffly in one direction, while during the recovery stroke the cilium is pulled back in floppy fashion close to the cell surface, thereby offering
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Polycystic kidney disease can occur when there is defect in the cilia of the renal tube cells. Another genetic disorder called Bardet-Biedl syndrome (BBS) occurs when the mutant gene products are in the components in the basal body and cilia. The symptoms of these diseases include physiological defects such as kidney failure, defective mucus clearance, neurosensory deficits, and obesity. Defects in cilia or flagella in men sperm can lead to male infertility if the sperm cannot successfully move up the fallopian tube. Lack of functional cilia in female Fallopian tubes can cause ectopic pregnancy, which is when the embryo implants outside of the uterine cavity. The cause of ciliary defects is not really known other that genetic mutations. The ciliary defects can get passes down from generation to generation. Symptoms for defects are not particularly known, but are circumstantial from defect to defect. Chlamydomonas is a green plant that reproduces asexually and sexually. Chlamydomonas is known for a number of different characteristics. First of all, Chlamydomonas is a haploid organism. This means that it only has one allele, thus only showing one genotype for the cell. This characteristic makes it very easy during experiments to know why certain traits and description are a certain way and it makes it easy to test for variables. Chlamydomonas are also known for having a generation time of

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