Chivalry In Beowulf Analysis

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Chivalry at Its Finest:
(A Discussion over chivalry applied to four Arthurian motifs) The Anglo-Saxon code describes a code of behavior expressed in the Beowulf text. They lived by a code of glory, duty, and respect. The English created have a similar legend that outlined their warrior code. Their code as centered in the Arthurian motif. The story of Arthur combined with other stories make up the chivalry code used by English knights. These stories include the story of the Green Knight, Song of Roland, Perceval, and Malory’s Arthur. The chivalry code is defined in these texts as courage, honor, and strength. This is similar in many ways to the Anglo-Saxon code. The purpose of stories like the Arthurian motif and Beowulf are to teach people
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The first part of chivalry is courage. We see courage several times in this story. We see it when Arthur first steps up the challenge, when Gawain takes his place, and when Gawain goes to find the Green Knight. The second component is honor and respect. Gawain takes the kings place out of respect for the king, and he says that it is his honor to do it. The final component of chivalry is strength. This physical strength is found in the challenge. The knight that accepts the challenge has to be strong enough to yield the axe effectively to win the …show more content…
The story starts out with Arthur dreaming. He is warned by Gawain, how had died, that if he went into battle against Mordred that he would die. Taking Gawain advice, he seeks out a treaty. The treaty is broken by an adder and a drawn sword. The battle that follows is bloody. Most of the men die, including Arthur and Mordred. This story shows both Arthur’s courage and his men’s. One of Arthur’s men dies trying to carry him off the battle field. Arthur dies courageously trying to save his kingdom. Arthur’s men demonstrate respect for Arthur by obeying his orders and fighting to protect his kingdom. Arthur also shows honor by sacrificing himself with his men to rescue his kingdom. Arthur strength is shown in his killing of his son, Mordred. He is able to pull himself up the spear to slice him with

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