Chivalry Code In Our Society

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In modern times, people claim that, “Chivalry is dead,” but are people aware of what chivalry means, or what the chivalry code is? Between 1170 and 1220, knights developed a chivalric code, or a code of conduct, for themselves and important men to follow. The code had six main rules that helped guide citizens in living a helpful and fulfilled life. Unfortunately, the chivalry code is not used or followed like it was many years ago. The chivalry code can still be used today, especially these rules: honor truth by word and deed, be faithful to one lady, and abide to the laws of your country or region.
Do you like being lied to, or can you imagine a society where truth was more common than lies? “Honor truth by word and deed” is especially needed and valuable to our society today, because not many people appreciate being lied to, either in words or actions. If telling the truth was a modern chivalry code rule, then as a society we would see a dramatic rise in healthy relationships. Friendships, couples, marriages, and marriages could trust each other more and know what they have been told is true. Actions would become more trustworthy because people would no longer be able to lie their ways out of situations. “Honor truth by word and deed” would improve relationships, in all situations, and would make our society more truthful and trustworthy.
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To apply this rule to modern times, you might say, “Be faithful to one other person.” If people were faithful to only one significant other, relationships would be stronger and more desirable. Trust and devotion would be easier achieved; cheating would be more looked down on. Honoring and devoting yourself to only one other, would result in happier relationships and overall simpler

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