Essay on Chinua Achebe 's Things Fall Apart

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The book Things Fall Apart illustrates the life of an Umuofia clan member who goes from being a prosperous, well-respected man to a shunned and exiled outcast. Okonkwo, a warrior belonging to a lower Nigerian tribe, grew up with an example with what not to become through his father, Unoka. His father was cowardly and careless with his money, which resulted in a lack of respect from the tribe, therefore polluting Okonkwo’s name and reputation. With his father’s past actions haunting him, Okonkwo strives to become more than what his father ever was in terms of being a man, father, tribe member, and leader. As he climaxes in respect and power, an ill-faded turn of events and the surfacing of his flaws leads to a domino effect of self-destruction that eventually results in his life falling apart. Okonkwo is a man that seeks perfection at all times. This is typically a good thing, but not always. For Okonkwo, this becomes very bad when his wife, Ojiugo, appears to be neglecting their children. Due to Okonkwo’s constant seeking of perfection, he is not okay with the actions of his wife. He decides to beat her – and at a very misfortunate time. He did this during the Week of Peace, and in doing so, he broke the peace of this sacred week. His community instantly looked down on him and because disappointed in him. His aggression and constant seeking of perfection got him in trouble and I believe this is the beginning of his life falling apart. Okonkwo is also a man that genuinely…

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