Chinua Achebe 's `` Marriage `` A Private Affair `` Essay

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The path of life is individual to everyone, but outside influences can often alter the direction one takes. Society creates a generic path for one to walk based on cultural acceptances and beliefs, and many choose to stay on this path with little to no diverging paths, but some decide to branch off and formulate their own personal beliefs. Normally, a person’s formative beliefs are almost identical to their parents because they are raised in an environment that promotes those beliefs, but as they grow and they encounter different belief systems and ways of life, that person is forced to acknowledge that everything their parents may or may not be completely correct. In Chinua Achebe’s “Marriage is a Private Affair,” Achebe challenges long held beliefs on arranged marriage to the Igbo nation in Nigeria when he marries a woman of his own choice and out of love, and his father is forced to either evaluate his faith or lose his son forever. Zhang Zie’s “Love Must Not Be Forgotten,” on the other hand, offers insight on how greatly her mother influenced her beliefs on marriage and attributes that to the reason why she is still not married at over thirty years old. These two examples of parental beliefs influencing our own offer great insight on how both wise and against change our elders can be, and how crucial it is to discover what we ourselves hold to be true. Anyone who dictates how a person lives should be regarded with little seriousness, as they are more concerned with…

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