Chinese Military Intelligence

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The world consists of many different countries whose traditions, beliefs, governments, and way of life differ from one other. As long as there remains a difference, nationals must employ a, method, or methods, to protect the way of life as they see fit. Some countries need to focus more on defending against other counties, whereas others need to focus methods to defend against their own people. Two nations representing both sides of the coin are the United States and the Peoples Republic of China. This can be done through a myriad of ways such as a strong military, varies levels of law enforcement, and an inclusive intelligence community. In a nation such as the United States of America, the focus of the aforementioned entities is to preserve …show more content…
The Chinese Military intelligence serves the same functions as the CIA and military do in the United States. This can be accomplished due to the fact the PLA is granted the authority to operate with very little interference from other government entities (Mattis, 2012, pg.52). There is two schools of thought regarding this practice. One is being able to operate independently give the PLA the ability to make decisions without having to confer with other agencies which allows for a more rapid response. On the other hand, without having an alternate agency working in concert, such as the CIA and the military, the room for error increases due to a lack of checks and balances. Another major different between the Chinese and the United States is the manner in which information is collected. Due to the constitution of the United States, the government have a limited ability to intrude into the private lives of its citizens. Although there has been a recent revelation about the government violating people’s civil liberties, the United States is much more respectful of people’s rights. Or at least they make the effort to appear to be. Conversely, the Chinese do not attempt to hide their intrusion into the lives of the Chinese people. This has much to do with the fact that China is a communist country. The methods and tactics employed by each country are done in such a fashion which support the country’s objective. To say one method is better than other would be subjective depending on the end goals of the county. Employing the methods of the Chinese would not work for the United States nor would the methods of the United States work for the Chinese. The fact of the matter is the Chinese are not confronted by the number of threats the United States contends with. It would be interesting to see if the threat from foreign nations were to present

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