Chinese Immigrants In America

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The Irish were poor and could not afford the payment. This sparked a draft riot in New York City. The rioters burned down government buildings and fought with the troops. Most of the rioters consisted mostly of the Irish. In the 1950s, Chinese immigrants left their home country in the hopes of becoming rich and sending money back to their families or maybe returning to China after becoming wealthy. The main reason was the economic hardships because of the influence the British had over China.
Most of the Chinese immigrants were peasant farmer. The Chinese worked in factories during the Civil war which was important in California. They also worked in wool mills, the railroad, and as miners for the California’s Gold rush.
The white/Anglo responded
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Mexicans were seen as lower educated by the non-Hispanics, white and African Americans. They were also seen as labor migrants that were destined for jobs at the bottom of the economy. To do the hardest labor, and to work the jobs that no white man would do. The labor unions saw the Mexican immigrants as a threat because the Mexican immigrants would work for lower wages and in worst conditions than the union workers. Mexican immigrants were segregated in schools, community, and housing. They lived in the most ghetto parts in the cities or they would travel to different parts of the country for work in the field. The work wages were also unequal. In 1925 the border patrol was established in order to slow down the flow of illegal immigrants from Mexico. In 1929 through 1934 about 500,000 Mexican immigrants were deported back to Mexico. The Great Depression began in 1929. The unemployed rate increased and many Mexicans and Mexican Americans were out of jobs. Some went back to Mexico because Mexico was offering land and employment. A chance to start all …show more content…
They were paid less and had to suffer through discrimination against them. There was also competition between the immigrants and those who were already settled in the United States. Other than the whites, the group that had the most opportunity were the Jewish. The Jewish were able to work in middle class. The group that had the least opportunity were the African American. Some groups reacted different from other groups when faced with harsh treatment because each group was faced with different treatment. The harsh treatment for some was for jobs, the color of their skill, or because they were enemy of war. Still today there are problems with some people saying that immigrants are taking away the all the

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