Chinese Communist Party ( Ccp ) Essay

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“The people and the people alone, are the motive force in the making of world history.” This quote by Mao is key to understanding Chinese Communist Party (CCP) thought, especially during the Chinese Civil War and the war of liberation from the Japanese. These events were key to the CCP’s eventual victory over the nationalists. They were key not only in terms of military victories, but in persuading the Chinese people that the CCP cared for them far more than the “authoritarian” nationalist. And that a nationalist China would lead to the return of imperialism and misery for a majority of peasants. They were able to show that they were in tune with the people’s thought through an opposition to Japanese imperialism, its ability to organize people from all areas of the country, and using victories in the civil war to gain full commitment from their supporters as well as growing their party’s power and size. The most important thing that showed how in tune the CCP was during the Japanese invasion was their staunch stance against the invading Japanese army. During the mid-1930’s Mao spoke out against Chiang Kaishek, the leader of the GMD, and his continuing attacks on the Red Army. Even as the Japanese were invading main land China (Karl 54). This decision to put the responsibility for the Japanese conquest of China was successful in gaining popular support for the communist, and while also weakening the nationalist (Lecture 10/29). It was during this period that the two sides…

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