Chinese Cinderella Character Analysis

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“Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.” Mother Teresa. This quote relates to the novel, Chinese Cinderella: The Secret Story of an Unwanted daughter written by Adeline Yen Mah, a Chinese-American physician who describes her lonely experiences growing up in China during the Second World War. Even though she tries to make the most out of her horrible situation, she never wins under Father and Niang’s control. She is sent to many boarding schools, hated by her siblings, and had a father who forgot her name and date of birth. Adeline was sent by Niang to many boarding schools. Although it was hard to be at so many different schools, she bonded well with Wu Chu Mei at Sacred Heart and created relationships at the schools. However, Niang never allowed friendships to develop. For example, “I would never be able to go back to school or see any of my friends” (Adeline pg #121). This proves that Adeline is sad to leave the school. She should not have to go to another boarding school away from Aunt …show more content…
Adeline’s only respect she got from him was if she got good grades in school. For instance, “He ordered me to lie facedown on my bed and he whipped me”Adeline pg#104). This shows that Father does not have a great love for Adeline. He dislikes her so thinks it is ok to whip her. For example, “I’m afraid I’ve forgotten your Chinese name. Is it Junqing? A pang went through me. I meant so little to him. I was such a nobody that he didn't even remember my name” (Father pg#125). This shows that Father does not care or remember Adeline. That is not a normal way parents are suppose to treat their children. Also, it shows that he dislikes her because he is sending her off to a boarding school not even knowing her name or date of birth. All in all, Father was very distant from Adeline. Their relationship was not a father daughter relationship but more a strict and dysfunctional

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