Chinese Americans And The American Civil War Essay

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Summary Chinese-Americans found themselves in the middle of racism even though they weren 't considered the enemy. The enemy being the Japanese. Many Chinese-Americans, found work hard to come by. Many Chinese-Americans even contemplated returning to their home country after being schooled so they would not have to face the racial discrimination. However, Chinese-Americans found the opportunity to find work and fight against the enemy. While the Chinese-American men and women went off to fight in the war, employment in Chinatown rapidly decreased, and many shops had to be closed down because of lack of employment. Employment in the war effort increased and many Chinese-Americans found themselves working engineering jobs. Many Chinese-Americans considered this war effort a risk to help their chances on becoming citizens of the United States, and eventually the immigration act against the Chinese was repealed and residents were granted citizenships. Like Chinese-Americans, Filipino, Korean, Indian, German, and Italian Americans were victim off racial discrimination. Filipino-Americans, many of them immigrants or descendants of immigrants, found social life hard in America. Theaters, restaurants, and more social checkpoints would deny service to Filipinos. Like the Chinese-Americans, the Filipinos found their time to prove their worth in the war. The fight had started and they wanted to defend their homeland in Bataan, but they were denied. Congress quickly changed this…

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