Chinese American Students Experience High Parental Pressure Essay

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Chinese American Students Experience High Parental Pressure
According to the data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Chinese Americans are the largest ethnic group of Asian demographic in the United States. Their population has been increasing tremendously by 37.9% in this decade (Hoeffel 15). Being one of the largest ethnic group in the United States, their presence has significant impacts on various aspects that relate to the overall development of the country, these include but are not limited to political, social, and economic factors. Therefore, the topics or issues regarding Chinese Americans should be taken into active discussions as to raise awareness in the society.
Parental pressure is one of the issues that bring the attention to most Chinese Americans. Many Chinese American students carry high expectations for success because their parents demand them to achieve high SAT scores, enter a reputable institution, get a highly paid job, and have professional accomplishments. These expectations are nevertheless creating an invisible and forceful pressure to many Chinese American students. As a result, students are driven to depression, anxiety and subsequently attempt suicide. “The suicide rate for Asian Americans (6.10 per 10,000) is about half that of the national rate (11.5 per 10,000).” Compared to American society as a whole, Asian American students harbor more suicidal thoughts and have a higher tendency to commit suicide (“Suicide among Asian Americans”). Results show…

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