Essay on China 's One Child Policy

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Gender stratification: Page 288; Males’ and females’ unequal access to property, power, and prestige.

China’s one child policy has implemented this belief that the male child is a greater asset than that of a female child. In China the children of the male sex is more revered than that of the female child. It is believed that the male child will not leave home as an adult and will care for the elderly parents. Whereas the female child will marry and leave home, leaving the elderly parents to grow old and to care for themselves. When in fact the female child is more apt to care for the elderly better than their male counterpart. Thus with this strong belief female children are either abandon, killed or aborted. In turn, the gender stratification in China has upset the balance of the male to female population. So much so, the male population has greatly outnumbered the female population. The adverse effect of China’s one child policy over the long term has in turn placed a heavy burden of their people.

Discrimination: Page 328; an act of unfair treatment directed against an individual or a group.

Due to China’s one child policy, this has in adversely caused discrimination toward the female population. This has happened by way of the belief that the male child is more important than that of the female child. When the one child policy was put into effect, it was not the intent to discriminate against the female population. This happened pretty much by mistake.…

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