China 's One Child Policy Essay

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2.1 China’s One-Child Policy The Communist Party officially implemented the One-Child Policy in 1979 as a means to curb population growth (The Guardian, Date). Prior to such implementation, the Chinese Government adopted the slogan “Late, Long, Few” (later marriage, longer birth intervals, and fewer births) in 1975, urging each family to have no more than two children. To achieve its goal of lowering population growth rate, the Chinese Government later introduced the One-Child Policy (hereafter called OCP) and created a reward and punishment system to further implement the policy. Rewards and incentives included an increase in hourly wage for family units who followed the rule, promotion in a government job and waived fees for both obstetric care and checkups. Punishments included cutting 10% or more from one’s hourly wages, removing the lawbreaker from the potential chance of getting a promotion within the next seven years and full fee for obstetric care and hospital stays (Doherty et al., 2001; 1 more author, date). Earlier attempts were made to reduce the increasing population growth. The first attempt was in 1955 where campaigns were launched to promote birth control. These campaigns eventually led to the creation of the first family planning program in 1956 (The Guardian). However, the Great Leap Forward in 1958 interrupted further progress. Shortly after the famine, the baby Boomer generation in China led to the second attempt at controlling population…

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