Essay about China 's Changing Policy Process

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may encourage or prevent other countries such as Iran to continue its nuclear program. China. In the last decades china was the primary economic and energy benefactor for DPRK, and the main choice for it to avoid global deep isolation. China did not express hard-line stance toward DPRK within the nuclear crisis, but it has insisted in negotiation to solve the crises, so it kept a good relation with it. Indeed, the Chinese position is not isolated from the china’s changing policy process which has been taking place within the last two decades. . China main focus in previous years was on the economy. So it was not surprising that the foreign policy of it don’t have any extreme attitude may harm any of it is markets. The geographical location and its relationship with north Korea, qualified it to take more procedures in order to share effectively in ending the crisis, in cooperation with the US ,and other countries. But on the other hand, no one can deny that china mainly is pursuing a policy of opposition to the United States in general, as happened in a crisis of Syria. Just To prove that it is a primary player in the international arena and separated of the influence of US. In Korea, particularly it preferred to keep it as a barrier for American influence beyond its border. But china knows also that any explosion of the crisis in Korea could impair their interests, especially on domain of economic. And absolutely china has fears of demographic change and refugee from…

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