Children 's Rights During Divorce Essay

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Children’s Rights during Divorce Proceedings Divorce is an ordeal that significantly affects the children as it does the parents. As a result of its negative impact, children’s rights during divorce proceedings to help them, their well-being a primary concern. The current divorce rights for involved children consider many aspects to provide families with the superlative remedy. The sole concern of the justice system, in terms of children’s rights during divorce proceedings, is to consider the best interest of the child. The Bill of Rights for children of divorce states the rights for children to have their age appropriate wishes and preferences made known to any court of law listened to by legal authorities. When making a decision, factors considered include parenting abilities of parents, parent-child relationship and bonding, and mental, physical and emotional capabilities of parents. Canadian organizations and legal documents that protect and enforce these children’s rights include the Children’s Human Rights, Bill of Rights for children of divorce, children’s rights council and the Canadian coalition for the rights of children. The current laws regarding children’s rights, during divorce proceedings, are fair because they ensure that the children are treated fairly without the influence of bias in favour of/or against either of the parents, and consider many aspects of the divorce and the children involved. The current laws are fair because they determine child custody…

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