Children 's Hospital Of Orange County Essay

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The majority of every hospital in California has a mission and vision statement that seems to only hire employees that have compassion and can provide the best Patient care. Not every hospital carries the same impact within the neighborhood that the hospital is located. Take Children 's Hospital in Los Angeles, California (CHLA), for example. Not to be mistaken for California 's Children 's Hospital of Orange county (CHOC). With Children 's Hospital Los Angeles the facility has been in the area since 1901, originally starting as a house, it has now turned into a Specialty Hospital for Pediatrics. According to, the hospital has made a big impact in the medical field by being branded as the “first and largest pediatric hospital in Southern California”. Originally named Children 's Hospital Society of Los Angeles until 1962. The name of the hospital was then legally changed to Children 's Hospital of Los Angeles. Located at 4650 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California: Children 's Hospital Los Angeles has been operational for over 100 years. Dating back in the early 1900 's, according to CHLA.ORG What started as a 4-bed house, bloomed into the now 300-bed hospital. Children 's Hospital of Los Angeles has its door 's open throughout WWII and even provided a safe haven for children who needed long-term care. Children 's Hospital of Los Angeles is now a massive Pediatrics Specialty hospital as of today. It grew and expanded with the surrounding area, with the…

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