Children 's Gender And Toys Essay

1719 Words Apr 25th, 2016 null Page
As a child and now as an adult I have always enjoyed toys, so this report will be reporting on children’s gender and toys. While shopping for my family and friends children for birthdays and Christmas I will play with the toys to check them out to see if they would enjoy the item chosen. It takes me back in time as a child and the memories that I had, so it can be extremely difficult being and adult shopping for kids. I contacted and spoke to Kathy at Hasbro Toy Company who completed my survey; it was quite interesting listening to her tell me about some marketing ideas that have been developed to increase sales for the company. Although, she did not go into great detail on the ideas to insure their secrets were safe from competitors. Kathy stated “That keeping the packages simple yet hard to open is to prevent theft while at the store. That is why we use twist ties, snapping rubber bands, and strapping tape to secure the toy in the box. We have our own professional graphic designers create logos and artwork for each product sold”. Bright colors are also used to catch the child’s eye as they walk down to toy isle. Most of the designs are done in house at the factory to keep the cost down for the product in which they are trying to promote to the consumer. Most of the packages are affiliated with a TV show, a Disney movie or famous characters. In addition, to the artwork to promote sales, they usually have a funny saying that goes along with the toy to…

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