Children 's Development Of Literacy Essay

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Children begin to learn language as soon as they are born, while they grow their language of speech and skills begin to evolve. Children learn how to communicate their feelings towards others based off of what they have learned from their environment at home. Based on what they learned before school, it affects their development of literacy. Children in the U.S. today, about one-third, lack the ability to learn. This is why language development is very important. Often teachers in Preschool and Kindergarten get a wide range of children with experience in books, some students have as little as 25 hours or less with experience in book reading. This devastating because children as little as nine months being to express their love of books. Emergent literacy starts when a child is born and continues through their preschool years. As stated by Whitehurst, “Children who are read to three times per week or more do much better in later development than children who are read to less than three times per week,” (1992). Fortunately, I was able to develop a relationship with Dashara and Tyrone once a week for four times. During these session we read books, had discussions, and saw their writing. This allowed my partner and I to analyze their oral language and writing development. Specifically during reading, my partner and I focused on asking questions that were engaging to them and chose books that were interesting. We would bring toys that related to the main…

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