Children 's Book And Illustrator Essay

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Allen say is children’s book author and illustrator, who originally came from Japan. He was born in 1937 in Yokohama, Japan to a mother who was a Japanese American and his father who was full Japanese, but was adopted by two British parents who raised him in Shanghai, China (Allen Say pg. 1). His early life wasn’t very easy with his parents getting a divorce when he was 12 years old. About four years after the divorce he would go on to live with his grandmother (Allen Say pg. 1). About two years after he moved in he asked for permission to live on his own (Allen Say pg. 1). Once on his own his journey on being coming an author and illustrator had begun. While living alone Say became fascinated with a popular cartoon artist named Noro Shinpei (Allen Say pg. 1). He was so influenced by his work that he started to teach himself to draw just like him, he consider himself an apprentice of him (Allen Say pg. 1). When his dad announced that his new family was going to America he invited Say to come with. Say decided that he would go along for the journey (Allen Say pg. 1). When he arrived to America he quickly joined a military academy because he wanted to join the war. His experience there was a negative one because no one really gave him the time of day to teach him English but when they did they did it with attitude (Allen Say pg. 1). He was kicked out of the academy because he was smoking a cigarette outside right in front of the building (Allen Say pg. 1). He then worked…

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