Children With Eating Disorders Through Therapy Essay

1072 Words May 2nd, 2016 null Page
Summary My second interviewee, Margaret Anton, is a fourth year clinical psychology student at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. While she is in clinical psychology program as a graduate-student at UNC, she also works as a research assistant, where she helps to research how technology can improve mental healthcare for low income families. To get to where she is now she went through three years as a post-doc research assistant at the University of Virginia, the school where she also majored in psychology as an undergraduate. In total since graduating from college she has been working as a student for 7 years. Ms. Anton’s typical day as a student/research assistant consists of a lot of court work, research, and clinical work. As a clinician she is at the hospital two days a week where she helps children with eating disorders through therapy. Twenty hours of her week is spent doing research which means interacting one on one with families of low income children with severe behavioral problems. And if she is not working on those two tall tasks then she is busy writing research papers, analyzing data, and/or taking classes that are required for her clinical psychology program. Although her job can be very difficult and very stressful at times when she feels like she does not have the answer to someone’s problem or knowing that a person does not want her help. She also has the times where her job feels unbelievably rewarding like when she gets a client to come back…

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