Children With Disabilities And Special Needs Essay

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The setting and population of the group we have chosen are four mothers of children with disabilities and special needs. The purpose of the group is to take on issues and work through them by encouraging and supporting the mothers who face problems raising their disabled child. The group will also offer emotional support, role models, information, and ideas about different ways or strategies that could be used for coping with their daily issues. The group will be a socialization type because the social workers will encourage the mothers to talk about their children’s disabilities, so that we has social workers can provide the proper resources. We will meet at a Schuyler County’s Community Building on 1510 East Main Street every Friday for the next six weeks, for an hour and a half depending on the information that will be provided. We set up the meeting space by contacting the Schuyler County coordinator and placing flyers in different retail shops in the community. We have decided to work with this group because we have an interest in this population.
According Selcuk et al. (2016) “Raising a disabled child requires additional responsibilities and skills and parents who achieve these skills become stronger; yet, parents need time to establish such skills”. This literature article clarifies the setting of the group because it explains how this specific group will help and support mothers who are facing daily situations with their disabled child. The types of groups and…

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