Essay about Children With An Autism Spectrum Disorder

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According to Kolb, “Music is considered by some to be a language system – a language with powerful appeal” (Curtis, 2007, p.13). This beautiful and powerful language can be beneficial to all students in a variety of ways. Through the years, teachers have utilized music to both instruct and calm students. Particularly in the inclusive classroom, music can be used to alter mood and assess emotional problems. Through collaborating with all personnel, educators can learn how to meet the educational and emotional needs of their students while integrating music in exciting ways. Simple ways of incorporating music into instruction can include background music during work time or using musical activities to reinforce a concept. While using music in the classroom can be beneficial for typically developing students, as well as, students with special needs, it is especially helpful for children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Due to the multitude of difficulties faced by children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, music can be used as a single intervention as opposed to a multitude of interventions. Using music can help these students and others learn and grow in the cognitive, language, and social developmental domains. Overall, adopting music as a teaching aid in both the inclusive and special education classroom can be beneficial for students and teachers in a variety of ways.
Benefits of Using Music
The use of music in the classroom has a myriad of benefits…

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