Children With A Parent 's Diagnosis And Transplant Essay

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How to talk to a child about a parent’s diagnosis and transplant
• When?
Initially, set up a time to tell children after you have had time to process your diagnosis. Although you may feel the need to discuss your diagnosis and transplant with other people such as family and friends, be careful that your children hear about the diagnosis from you first and not from someone else. Inform the children shortly after you find out that you will need a transplant. Children are smart and will figure out that their parent is hiding something.

You may decide to tell the children with a professional present. Many hospitals have social workers that work with children or case manager’s that will help a family talk through the diagnosis and transplant information.

Local cancer wellness centers often have free family services that can help you decide how to tell your children.

If you feel you may be too emotional when you talk to your children your spouse or close friend cana talk to the children, but you should be present.

Calling BMTinfonet and ask to speak someone with Caring Connections to give you emotional support before telling your children.

Age is an important factor in deciding what and how much you should tell a child about your cancer diagnosis. You should tell the truth to your children on an honest and open way. By presenting the facts in a straight-forward and calm way, the children will be able to prepare themselves for the changes that are going to happen within…

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