Children With A Learning Disability And Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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Darnell is a 5th grade student with a learning disability and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. He has an issue with impulsive and inattentive behaviors that often get him in trouble in the classroom. Darnell has been suspended 26 times for about a combination of 30 days. He was told that he would still be provided services through in home tutoring during his suspension, but during his latest suspension he had only received services once so far. In his latest instance, he was thought to be disrespectful to the principal, Ms. Gleason, and was taken to jail by a police officer. During his short time in jail he was made to complete community service activities, such as scrubbing toilets and mopping floors. He was deeply upset by this instance and his mother did not feel like matters were handled in an effective manner. A due process hearing was held and the principal stated that she believed Darnell’s behavior was due to his disability. She was unaware of a rule that dealt with the suspension of special education students. She thought it was okay to suspend a child for up to 10 days and also felt that if a child continued to be a problem she should have the right to suspension them more to discipline her school. The school and school district made legal errors while dealing with Darnell and his misbehaviors. By reading this case study, there are three big issues that stick out on how Darnell was disciplined. Darnell had been suspended for 30 days that…

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