Children Who Live With A Step Parent Essay

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1) Hypothesis
Children who live with a step parent are more likely to be abused relative to children who live with their biological parents. The independent variable is step parents. The dependent variable is child abuse. The unit of analysis is children.
2) Theory
The Sociobiology or Evolutionary Theory is primarily based on the idea that parents will display aggressive acts toward children who are not biologically their own. It theorizes that the risk of abuse is higher when there is a lack of bonding between the parent and the child (Wallace & Roberson, 2011). Another research study on the Evolutionary Theory argues that if step parents have lesser investments in their nonbiological children they will run a higher risk of physically abusing them. (Giles-Sims & Finkelhor, 1984).
According to the Evolutionary Theory, children who live with a step parent will have a higher risk of being victims of child abuse one reason being the lack of parental bonding with the child causing aggressive behavior toward the non biological child. In turn this hypothesizes that those children who live with their biological parents will have a lower risk of being victims of child abuse.
3) Operationalization
Independent variable-
Since moving in with your step family, how many times have you physically abused the step children residing in your household? Physical child abuse may be defined as any act that results in a nonaccidental physical injury by a person who has care, custody, or…

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