Children Should Not Enough Sleep Essay

1147 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 5 Pages
Many teenagers today are always wanting that extra couple of minutes of sleep. This was also true for Jilly Dos in the article “Sweet Dreams”. Many schools around the world are starting school even earlier than before. Teens are always trying to catch up on their lost sleep and always seem to be exhausted. There are many problems with sleep loss and they have drastic effects. When teenagers and young people do not get enough sleep it can affect them heavily both mentally and physically. It is scientifically proven that not enough sleep can affect test scores as well as mental health. In most teens, their number one priority is school and it often comes second to sleep, what they do not know is that putting sleep first could actually improve their school work. According to the National Sleep Foundation, it is proven that teens need eight to ten hours of sleep. They also found that only fifteen percent of teens reported getting eight hours of sleep on school days. Many schools around the country are beginning to consider starting classes even earlier. Teens are already not getting the proper sleep time, so starting earlier is a huge dilemma. In the adolescent years, teen sleep patterns shift and almost all teens stay up and wake up at later times than any other age group. The amount of sleep a student gets can affect test scores and overall grades. Schools starting earlier is a problem because almost all teens do not fall asleep until 11 pm. Starting earlier would not solve…

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