Essay about Children Of Third World Countries

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Africa Research Essay The people of third world countries often do not have access to the basic necessities. The population does not have necessities such as clean water and proper nutrition, which are attributed to poor infrastructure. Academic journals offer reports of the outcome from poor infrastructure in government/politics economic growth, and medical aid. From these negative effects the outcomes can be noted as malnutrition, poverty, hunger and disease. Four academic journal articles will be reviewed in this paper analyzing how each article addresses the health issues in countries of Africa such as hunger and disease. In the first article that I read the authors Akoll P, and Mwanja WW offer insight to the current issue in the fresh water zones of eastern Africa. The fish living in the fresh water zones are heavily infested with a large number of parasites and bacteria, exactly 121 parasites, 5 types of bacteria 3 types fungi and one virus were found infesting the fishes. The article names a number of research facilities in the countries of eastern Africa in charge of handling such outbreaks. However, it was made abundantly clear that the lack of legislation in that field along with mismanagement among the research laborites resulted in insufficient data on the issue and incorrect use of chemicals. This is a clear-cut example of the lack of management of African government, which allows disease to run rampant. The article calls for a simple solution of more…

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