Children Of Foster Care Waiting For Adoption Essay

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Overview: We have entirely too many children in foster care waiting for adoption. Our target population that we will address is children currently in the foster system waiting on their forever home. The barriers that the foster children face waiting to be adopted range from too large of a sibling group, special needs, older children, or just simply finding interested families to adopt. Foster care children tend to face many issues that place lifelong emotional effects on them while waiting on a forever home. They usually get the feeling that they do not have any self-worth, separation issues, and low self-esteem. The problem that foster children face daily could very well be the absence of a loving home. We as a society usually just assume that the children in foster care are not getting the care and attention that they seek. What we fail to realize is that since there are so many children, they may not get all the attention that they may need because there are so many to look after. According to Van Andel et al, in the Journal Searching for effective interventions for foster children under stress, Foster children are at increased risk of developing long-term problems related to regulation of behavior, including externalizing behavior, substance abuse and criminal behavior (Clausen et al. 1998; Pottick et al. 2005). As the children grow older, they may have frequent flashbacks on adoption agencies taking a while to find them a suitable home. This may include questions on…

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