Children Of A Lesser God Essay

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Children of a Lesser God (Sugarman, B. & Palmer, P., 1986) is a motion picture portraying the hurtful disconnect between the hearing and deaf communities. The character Sarah Norman, who is deaf, falls in love with a hearing man whom teaches deaf individuals to speak. The movie is an original with screenplay written by Hesper Anderson and Mark Medoff, whom also later wrote the stage play (Children of a Lesser God, 2016). As the film progresses, it very clear that Sarah Norman wants to live as independently as she can. She is striving to become her own person whom is able to express thoughts and feelings of her own separate from the hearing world. When we first meet Sarah, she is employed as a cleaning lady at a school for the deaf that she attended as a child. Although as her relationship with James Leeds progresses they decide that she will quit her job, it is clear that she understands the concept of making a living. Towards the end of the movie, we see Sarah working again as a nail technician. We are given no evidence that she does not understand the concept of reality, only that she is hopeful for a chance in her status as a deaf individual. Throughout the movie she is reliant on James to translate her signing into spoken speech in order to communicate with those who are not deaf or while on the phone. All of her family ties had been destroyed when she was sent away to receive help for being deaf, leaving her hateful of her mother. It is mentioned in dialogue that her…

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