Children Of A Child 's Life Essay

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The human brain is most vulnerable to change throughout the early years of a person’s life due to its development. The people that enter a child’s life can alter their attitude and their effort later on. Most importantly, the skills that they are taught can stick with them until the day they die. Most people in a child’s life affect them in some miniscule way and although children never realize it, some people are more crucial to their success than others. Children engage in relationships with their parents, their peers and friends, their teachers, and they take part in their community. Different factors within these relationships can affect how they learn and perform as students. Students encounter many influential people through their childhood that affect their learning abilities and characteristics, but parents are statistically proven to have the most impact on learning by assisting their children with their schoolwork and holding them to a standard that other people abandon. Parents Clearly, parents spend the most time around their children, which means they can have the biggest, beneficial impact or a bad impact. Parents have the option of being very helpful throughout their child’s school years or they can neglect them and let them figure life out on their own. Parents are the child’s first teachers. Supportive parents help their children with homework every night, putting in as much effort as possible. Excitement demands to be associated with school, and this is…

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