Children Are The Future Leaders Of The Society Essay examples

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Since the beginning of creation, human seeks essential consciousness of their environment which they live and it gives certain potentials that help to shape life style. Children are the future leaders of the society because; they have the key to change and turn the society to a successful future. Therefore, while parents play a major role in the up-bringing of a child’s as they get older, it is also the duties of the family members and the community as a whole to provide them with a better upbringing. Shaping a child life with good behavior while growing up impacts them for the rest of their lives.
Children spend nearly all their early years with their parents, due to this interaction they pick any positive and negative behavior they are exposed to such as confidence, morals, values, socialization skill, violence, bad languages etcetera. His home background plays a significant role so whenever a child gets expose to this attitude they imitate s to act according; it becomes part of them as they become adult. For example, my four year old son imitate almost everything I do or say, so I am very careful with my choice of words and things I do when he is around. He knows certain words that we do that are bad to say so whenever I am having a conversation with my friend and I use an inappropriate word he prompt me and says that “mummy do not say that”. This implies that parents choose of words can make or affect their children and they learn most of their early development parts…

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