Children Are The Foundation Of Building A Better Future Essay

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Children are the foundation of building a better future and in order to maintain such a strong structured foundation, parents must become the vital source of information. It is a parents job to expose the a child to their key essentials in early birth so as they develop, they can become knowledgeable throughout life 's events. In the book Children by John W. Santrock, Santrock states that a famous psychologist known as Erik Erikson emphasizes the importance of our early experiences as well as our later experiences. He then continues by explaining how these behaviors originate from social interactions which soon involves the desire to become extroverted with the social world. When the desire to become socially interactive with people becomes inevitable, crises are then introduces. Crisis that can be both beneficial as well as unfortunate however according to Erikson, in order to become familiar with these crises, eight stages of a developmental period are introduced. These developmental stages help conjugate the developmental process and are categorized by age which determine a possible outcome of a child as it continues to grow. However, throughout my explanation, I will only list the first five stages of development which, in order, include; trust versus mistrust, autonomy versus shame and doubt, initiative versus guilt, industry versus inferiority, and identity versus identity confusion.

Santrock(2016) states that in Erikson’s first stage, which ranges from birth…

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