Children And The Book Thief Analysis

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Children and The Book Thief
Brooklynn McLaughlin
ED 2900
Children’s Literature Paper
Children and The Book Thief Imagine being taken away from family because of what they believe in and shipped off to random strangers where one is to live out the rest of their life without being told the reason why. The individual is also encouraged or forced to believe in and do things that their parents wouldn’t necessarily have chosen for them. They are also forced to watch as people who are different from they are paraded through the streets and the people are made examples to show how being different or believing in something different is immoral. This is what life was like for a young girl named Liesel during the times of the Holocaust in the children’s novel I chose to read. Liesel was taken from her parents, because they were communists, and given to Hans and Rosa Hubermann. Times were different for her as a young child during these
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Words create novels, which were very important in this book, and words also create connections between people in ways in which other things cannot. Words created a huge connection between Liesel and her father Hans in the book and it also creates a huge connection between teachers and students. Words are how people communicate and if you cannot communicate it is a major issue. Teachers help children to create their words and learn how to communicate so if we cannot teach them how important it is to be able to make connections with words that would be an issue. Teachers also help children to read words and if we cannot do this either we have made mistakes. Words have a huge affect on people’s lives and if we do not know how to use them correctly or how to read them then there are many mistakes being made. Being able to communicate with children, teachers, parents, administrators, etc. is a big deal and if we can do it correctly and with meaning then our words have

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