Essay on Childhood Vaccination And Its Effects On Children

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Childhood vaccination have become commonplace in this day and age. Within the first year of a child’s life it is recommended that they be given vaccinations that cover a wide range of illness such as tetanus and Hep B vaccination or the more commonly known measles, rubella and mumps vaccination or MMR vaccine for short. (find note) However in the most recent years there has been a movement to not have children vaccinated for various reasons, such as people believing that the some vaccines had been found to cause both mental and physical problems in some children and if the effectiveness of the vaccines are really worth the risks. I believe that vaccination should be given to children in order to prevent infections and I will discuss the recent anti measles movement to explain my reasoning for this belief. Measles was a disease that was estimated to have killed over 200 million people from 1855 to 2005. (find note). While the disease itself can be life threatening another major problem with the disease is it can cause life threatening complications. Because the body is fighting off the disease it is common for people to get other illnesses such as pneumonia or even acute brain inflammation. While the more dangerous complications are usually rare, they are more severe in adult who catch the disease. (find note). The main reason I believe in vaccination is because there is not treatment for measles. The best measure is preventative measure which in turn have caused…

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