Essay about Childhood Span Development Course At Dordt College

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Child Observation Report Two For the Life-Span Development course at Dordt College, a child with his parents and grandparents were observed and recorded for the purpose of students to study the actions of the child. I watch this recording on March 19th, 2016. With the approval of the mother and with the consent form signed, Dr. Christians began interacting with the child, Jonas. Jonas is four years old. The first thing Dr. Christians had Jonas do was to draw himself. Jonas picked out his colors and then drew his house with many specifics including his bed, bathroom, and some of his toys. After this he drew himself along with his brothers, parents, and pets. this simple activity shows much developmental improvement. Jonas was able to pick up a crayon and draw with no difficulty. He did not show any clumsiness in this action. This shows his development in fine motor skills. “By the time they turn three, children have had the ability to pick up the tiniest objects between their thumb and forefinger for some time, but they are still clumsy at it...By age four, children’s fine motor coordination has improved substantially and is much more precise. (Santrock, 2014, p. 136). This clearly shows that Jonas is exactly where he is supposed to be in his fine motor skill development due to his non clumsiness while drawing. Jonas’s drawing skills also showed his brain development. According to Santrock (2014) between the age of three and six the brain is being developed the most…

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