Childhood Obesity : Causes, Effects And Prevention Essay

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Overweight is defined as having excess body weight while Obesity is defined as having excess body fat. Childhood Obesity is a condition in which a child is significantly overweight for his or her age and height. The percentage of children in the United States who were obese increased from 7 percent in 1980 to nearly 18% in 2012 (Szabo). Childhood Obesity has become an epidemic and continues to grow rapidly; in 2013 more than one-third of children and adolescents were overweight or obese. The most common factors responsible are Society ignorance, unhealthy diet, insufficient exercise and excessive snacking. There are both long term and short term effects of childhood obesity, signs of depression may appear, poor body image, low self-esteem eating disorders among so many other effects, so parents play a big role in preventing childhood obesity by becoming more involved in the child’s life. CAUSES OF CHILDHOOD OBESITY
Parents are the primary role models for their children and their behavior can positively or negatively affect their child’s health, good dietary habits start at home, children tend to eat what their parents eat, parents may not be encouraging their children as much as they should. An average parent can no longer tell that their pudgy child is overweight as what they now perceive as the “new normal” blinds them to reality: as throughout the developed world, children are generally becoming heavier…

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