Childhood Obesity : Causes And Problems Essay example

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Seeing obese children today seems normal, many people do not think much of it. The reality is that they should. Childhood obesity can cause many problems in the child’s life that could follow them into adulthood. There is a chain of events surrounding childhood obesity.
First event, parents now a days are busier than ever. When both parents work long shifts a lot of the times it is easier to just pick up fast food on the way home. This causes less home cooked meals and increases the amount of calories eaten by children, and a lack of balanced meals. Since parents are busier sometimes it is easier for them to just let their children spend hours in front of the TV playing video games while they relax from a long day at work, than actually dedicating time to them by doing some physical activity together. With busy schedules it is also sometimes hard to enroll their children in after school sports since the parents do not have time to pick them up from practice causing a lack of exercise in the child’s life.
Second event, the increase in fast food consumption and lack of physical activity in children leads to childhood obesity. Children now a days spend lots of hours playing video games. Today that seems normal, due to all the technology kids can now play with out much physical activity being done. Before technology was as advanced there was not such a high percentage of obese children. With children eating more fast food or simply eating larger proportioned meals, and not…

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