Childhood Obesity Can Be Prevented Essay

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Childhood Obesity Can Be Prevented Childhood obesity has become one of the leading epidemics worldwide with a wide range of problems. When most parents look at their children from birth until adulthood, they see healthy, happy, and successful individuals. Most children are above the body mass index (BMI) so early in their short lived life span. When parents began to notice their child weight has spiraled out of control. While childhood obesity today is a serious health problem it has costed long-term economic costs abroad. Everyone must take an active role in the future of our children and their health. “According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, the prevalence of obesity has more than doubled among our children of all ages.” (“Childhood”) While there are many factors to childhood obesity the most obvious are avoid eating fast foods, serve a well-balanced meal, and parents being a model to healthy-eating habits. Excessive weight gain in children of all ages should be monitored and supervised by the person who is in charge of feedings and portion, control when the parent is absent. Parents should have the comfort of knowing their child or children have been given the right portion of food to eat in one sitting. Among them being given the right portion for one sitting, they should also be given the healthiest choice to choose from to consume on a daily diet regiment. First, if parents would avoid feeding their child or children fast foods it can…

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